On the 12th and 13th of October 2018, the Archaeological Department of the University of Cologne is hosting a two-day symposium. The preparations are in full swing and we now released a preliminary Communicating the Past Programme.

As we mentioned before, we are organising a two-day event around digital methods in teaching archaeology: Communicating the past in the Digital Age. The last couple weeks we organised everything from A for accommodations to V for venues (W-Z are still missing). The P for programme is out now and you can have a look here.

We have two days fully packed with 14 presentation from speakers around the globe. So, we start on the 12th with a session on “Archaeogaming”, followed by a session on “Learning in the museum” and a conference dinner for the participants. On the second day, we continue with a session on “Digital tools in the classroom” and on “Digital Learning Environments”. Also, after the presentations, we join for technical demonstrations and a final discussion. Check out the Communicating the Past Programme!

Sebastian Hageneuer

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My name is Sebastian. I am a research associate at the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Cologne, Germany, Discipline for Archaeoinformatics. My special interest lies in reconstructing ancient architecture and thinking about ways to present archaeological knowledge to other researchers and the public in an informative and appealing way. I teach 3D documentation of material culture as well as 3D modelling and archaeological reconstruction and work on several projects as part of my job.

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