I am very happy to announce, that I edited a volume on digital teaching and learning (Communicating the Past) and it came out just a couple days ago! Way back I reported that I will give a presentation on a symposium that I organised at the University of Cologne in Germany. The publication is the outcome of that symposium, where I also wrote a chapter on the challenges of archaeological reconstruction.

The good news is, that the whole publication is open access, so if you want, you can directly download it as a whole or as individual chapters at the publishers website. The chapters are not all focused on reconstruction, but on other relevant topics as well, like archaeogaming, museum studies, teaching and learning or learning environments. I have listed here everything that is part of that volume:


Learning in the museum

Digital tools in the classroom

Digital learning environments

Hageneuer, Sebastian, ed. 2020. Communicating the Past in the Digital Age: Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Methods in Teaching and Learning in Archaeology (12th-13th October 2018). London: Ubiquity. https://doi.org/10.5334/bch.

Sebastian Hageneuer

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My name is Sebastian. I am a research associate at the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Cologne, Germany, Discipline for Archaeoinformatics. My special interest lies in reconstructing ancient architecture and thinking about ways to present archaeological knowledge to other researchers and the public in an informative and appealing way. I teach 3D documentation of material culture as well as 3D modelling and archaeological reconstruction and work on several projects as part of my job.

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