Between the 5-7 of October 2022, the a joint chapter meeting on “Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology” (CAA) of Germany, Netherlands and Flanders will take place in Cologne. I am actually one of the co-organisers. Sophie is part of the Scientific Committee and we are happy to announce the conference:

The CAA is an international organisation that brings together archaeologists, mathematicians and computer scientists to foster communication between these disciplines. Looking back at more than 40 years since its inception it is both one of the longest-running and largest organisation in this subject. The CAA Netherlands / Flanders and the CAA e.V. are the two national chapters of the CAA and are dedicated to uphold the interests of the CAA in the respective countries, to inform interested archaeologists, mathematicians and computer scientists from academia and industry of newest developments, foster exchange, present new research results. The Joint Chapter Meetings are an ideal opportunity for archaeologists and scientists to come together, present their latest projects and research results or discuss problems and challenges they are facing.

Cited from the Call for Papers

You will find further information about the joint chapter meeting of the CAA on the conference website. We plan to publish the programme, abstracts and even maybe presentations there. If participating interests you, please consider sending in an abstract. The deadline is the 1st of July 2022. We will meet in Cologne and have a wonderful time with papers, breaks and evening activities (well eating basically…). It’ll be great!

Sebastian Hageneuer

Founder & Editor

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My name is Sebastian. I am a research associate at the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Cologne, Germany, Discipline for Archaeoinformatics. My special interest lies in reconstructing ancient architecture and thinking about ways to present archaeological knowledge to other researchers and the public in an informative and appealing way. I teach 3D documentation of material culture as well as 3D modelling and archaeological reconstruction and work on several projects as part of my job.

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