book review: Daniel Giere on representation and reception of history in games

I’ve recently read and reviewed Daniel Giere’s (@34e6ab0133cd4f7)  “Computerspiele – Medienbildung – historisches Lernen” (computer games – media education – historical learning) in German and I think I’ll just give everyone a rough overview over his work in English, because, well, it deserves some attention. It’s as far as I know, the first published empirical study on the influence games may have on a person’s knowledge of history.

Discussing Concepts of the Past in Computer and Video Games Pt. 3

Now, finally: The last thesis we featured in the discussion about Concepts of the Past in Computer and Video Games, which Jan Wieners and I organised for our class on archaeogaming in January 2019 is my favourite one. How important is “accuracy” in comparison to “representation” in Computer and Video Games?