Communicating the Past in the Digital Age

I am very happy to announce, that I edited a volume on digital teaching and learning and it came out just a couple days ago! Way back I reported that I will give a presentation on a symposium that I organised at the University of Cologne in Germany. The publication is the outcome of that symposium, where I also wrote a chapter on the challenges of archaeological reconstruction.

Videos Games in the classroom – Innovation or a waste of time?

The new Assassin’s Creed game takes place in Ancient Egypt. Beside the usual gameplay, where you have to follow a story, collect items and explore the world, you can experience the game totally free from that as a kind of observer in order to learn something about Ancient Egypt. Is this concept ready for the classroom?

Bust of Cologe-Weiden

Burial Chamber of Köln-Weiden: Busts

For a long time, I did not post anything about the progress of the visualisation project in Cologne-Weiden. Now, we are actually almost finished and I will try to recap some of the steps we were going through. Today’s post topic are the Structure from Motion models of the busts in Cologne-Weiden.