Structure from Motion session

On the 20th of October 2017, I was capturing some objects from the Egyptology Department of the University of Cologne, in order to create 3D models of some objects of interest in their collection.

Capturing a servant figurine – © Richard Bußmann

I was using a method called “Structure from Motion” (short: SfM), which correlates 2D images taken from different positions and angles into a point cloud and finally into a textured 3D model of the object. Depending on the object and the circumstances, the results can be quiet interesting.

We were experimenting with a bunch of different object and the result can be seen successively on our Egyptology collection on Sketchfab.

The processing of the RAW data will take place in the following weeks and I will give a full report on the results here. Also in a while, I will publish an in-depth article about the Structure from Motion technique.


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