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We completed the second (and last) session of the Structure from Motion documentation of objects from the Egyptology Department of the University of Cologne. The digital Egyptology collection now comprises of seven objects.

We now count seven objects that have been documented through Structure from Motion technology and uploaded online onto the SketchFab account. These objects are a figurine of a servant, an Ibis figurine, one Ushabti, a mask of a mummy and three different vessels. You can see the collection below. We are very thankful to the Department of Egyptology for letting us collect the data. Future students will have the pleasure of post-processing this data.

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My name is Sebastian. I am a research assistant at the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Cologne, Germany, Discipline for Archaeoinformatics. My special interest lies in reconstructing ancient architecture and thinking about ways to present archaeological knowledge to other researchers and the public in an informative and appealing way. I teach 3D documentation of material culture as well as 3D modelling and archaeological reconstruction and work on several projects as part of my job.

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