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Structure from Motion progress of a mask of a mummy.

What is this site about?

Archaeoinformatics is a relatively new field as a bridge between Archaeology and Computer Sciences, very similar to Bioinformatics or Geoinformatics. It is also called Computational Archaeology, Digital Archaeology or Archaeological Information Systems. It is a subdiscipline to Archaeology and offers computational solutions for archaeological problems.

This site aims to be a collection of news, reports, ideas and general thoughts about the topic. As our knowledge and understanding of Archaeoinformatics grows, this site will also become more comprehensive over time. Besides some basic informations about technologies, we want to present our own projects and the general community of Archaeoinformatics.

You can have a look at the blog section, where we post news and updates about our work, interests and Archaeoinformatics in general. Soon, there will be also a pages section, where we will dedicate several pages explaining various technologies and methods that we use in our work. At the moment, this is work in progress.

You can follow the official Twitter account or SketchFab account of the Archaeoinformatics department of the University of Cologne or contact us via the contact form. We want to stress that, although we work for the university, this page is completly our own and all the opinions rendered on this page are of the respective authors. We hope you enjoy and now let’s start to redefine archaeology!