Today’s #archink prompt has been interpreted by me in a very archaeoinformatics way…

@KatherineRCook has invited archaeologists or anyone else interested in joining her archaeology-specific “Inktober”-challenge #archink. Every day in October there will be a new prompt on Twitter for us to be creative with.

Today’s prompt was “Feature” and all I could think of is how I sometimes are annoyed that I need to write a git commit message.



Also see Randall Munroe (




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My name is Sophie, I am a prehistoric archaeologist and have been research associate at the University of Bonn and the Cologne Digital Archaeology Lab (CoDArchLab) of the Archaeological Institute at the University of Cologne, Germany. I teach statistics for archaeologists, work on new methods in settlement archaeology (GIS, geostatistics in R and stuff) and am interested in archaeogaming.

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